Student Spotlight: Ashlea Faith Haney


Stanford University Class of 2018 | Springfield, OR

Growing up Black and Multi-racial in a society that fetishized my "mixed-ness," and encouraged me to distance myself from a Black identity, though always citing my Blackness as the source of my inadequacies, I became hyperaware of how my body could move through the world and the projections placed upon it. When I came to Stanford as a first-generation college and low-income student, I felt even further jaded by what appeared to be the inaccessible and elitist "scholarship" I was expected to produce. However, in taking classes offered by the AAAS program, I began to find an interdisciplinary practice that integrated my academic passions with my lived experiences. I am honored to be one of many AAAS students who, through rigorous scholarship, research, and creative practice, propel the movement for Black Liberation forward.


Indya McGuffin