St. Clair Drake Lectures

2003 Robin D.G. Kelley of Columbia University, " Jazz Folk Here & There: A Trans-Atlantic Conversation"

2004 Hortense Spillers of Cornell University, "What is Black Culture"?

2005 Lawrence D. Bobo, “St. Clair Drake: Scholar, Mentor, Friend”

2006 Manning Marable of Columbia University, “A Time for Martyrs: Deconstructing the Assassination of Malcolm X February 21, 1965”

2007 Brent Hayes Edwards of Rutgers University, “The Declassification of Theory: CLR James, Translation and Radical Pedagogy”

2008 Houston Baker of Vanderbilt University, “Just Enough for the City: Richard Wright and the Black Urban Imaginary

2009 Charles Ogletree (’75) of Harvard School of Law, “Narrative Dialogue with Barack Hussein Obama: Traveling the road from Cambridge to Kenya and back”

2010 Valerie B. Jarrett (’78) Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement

2011 Mae Jemison (’77) a NASA Astronaut and Physician

2012 Angela Davis “School to Prison Pipeline”

2013 “State of Black America 150 Years After the Emancipation Proclamation” featuring Tavie Smiley, Marc Lamont Hill, Allyson Hobbs, Ralph Banks, and Robin D.G Kelley

2014 Harry Belafonte a Performer/Civil Rights Activist, “Activism and Racial Justice in America”

2015 Jennifer Eberhardt, "Policing and Protecting Black Lives in the 21st Century"

2016 Black Lives, Freedom Dreams and Our Collective Racial Future featuring Nate Parker, Robin D.G Kelley, Harry Elam, and Allyson Hobbs

2017 The U.S. Presidential Election: Race & Gender in the Post Obama Presidency featuring Michael Eric Dyson, Ange-Marie Hancock, and James Braxton Peterson

2018 DISSENT: Speaking Up, Speaking Back, Speaking Black with Jemele Hill, Charlayne Hunter Gault, and DeJuana Thompson